EDU was created following the observation that debtors are a lot like factory workers. To explain – factory workers go to work every day and transform capital into profit by making products. Students transform capital into profit when interest and penalties are added to a principle loan. In itself, this system is acceptable in capitalist […]


Download the PDFs and hang these posters at university financial aid offices, or anywhere else students or debtors will see them. Download Freedom Through Mass Defaults Poster           Download Students Make Banks Rich Poster Download Federal Money Borrowed Poster Download Fuck Banks Poster Download Rest of My Life Poster

Some Options

EDU Debtors Union is primarily an advocate for options when it comes to repaying student loans.  Because every student loan has been stripped of standard consumer protections it is especially important that student debtors are aware of repayment options (refusal to pay is also an option).  And because the traditional loan protections do not exist […]