Faces of Debt, a Photobooth for Student Debtors

A Debtor Takes a Photo

On December 20, 2011 I was thrilled to present the first iteration of Faces of Debt, a Photobooth for Student Debtors at Hunter College.  Along with five other interactive artists, I was part of the iArt Exhibition that showcased interactive projects about Occupy Wall Street and Student Debt, among other topics.

The project was successful in that debtors and non-debtors participated and shared both qualitative thoughts and quantitative information about the issue.  As for me, I learned a lot about how to make the second iteration better.  Next time, I’m going to build the back end so that the photos upload directly to the website, and not just the interface and projection.  I’d also like to construct a proper booth so that photos can be taken in relative privacy.

The Overall Set-up

Below are a few videos – one is an interview of myself talking about the project, by Tennessee Watson and Brian Kozlowski.
The other is a short video that depicts a participant using the photobooth.  At the end of this video you can see some of the photos people took that night. You can also see them at http://edudebtorsunion.org/the_debtors/

For more information on iArt: http://i-art.us/




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