Strike Strategies for “Credentured” Students

Via the EDU Debtors Union Facebook Group, a member who is active in the student strikes in Quebec posed a great question: In an American context, what would be more effective in fighting a tuition hike (since most universities concerned already charge tuition upwards of $8,000) a classical student strike or a tuition strike? To […]

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Student Loan Crisis Interview with Monica Johnson of (originally published July 7, 2012 on Welcome Monica, 1. Monica, tell me something about your Bio, and how you started I started EDU Debtors Union in 2010 while I was a graduate student at Hunter College. I saw very clearly that the result of student […]

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Faces of Debt, a Photobooth for Student Debtors

On December 20, 2011 I was thrilled to present the first iteration of Faces of Debt, a Photobooth for Student Debtors at Hunter College.  Along with five other interactive artists, I was part of the iArt Exhibition that showcased interactive projects about Occupy Wall Street and Student Debt, among other topics. The project was successful […]

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Bail Out Student Debt

Student Debt Strike? Not So Much

I have to admit when I first heard about Andrew Ross’ student debt strike I was thrilled. I’ve been talking about the possibility of mass defaults as a collective bargaining tactic for years now. To organize something like this could take years, though, so I was shocked to see a campaign for mass defaults this […]

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@edudebt @OWS

The sun was shining all day as folks came out to Occupy Wall Street NYC to discuss and debate issues surrounding student debt.  It is clear that EDU Debtors Union is on to something important.  In collaboration with Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice, I spent all day either talking to cameras (TV Tokyo, The […]

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Introducing the Debtor Class

As the gap between rich and poor continues to widen and the American Middle Class becomes a thing of the past, a new class of citizen has emerged.  The Debtor Class is a bizarre blend of educated, hard-working and broke as shit.  (Pardon the expression, but in this case it is so true)  In straight […]

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What if We All Just Stop Paying?

I’ve been asking this question for two years now with no sense of what the answer is – What if we all just stop paying our student debt payments?  The government and the banks are obviously hurting for cash.  Refusing payment is a strategy for negotiating better payment options and much lower interest rates.  Our […]

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EDU House – A Possibility?

While filling up the gas tank of my rental truck I heard over the radio that the Federal Housing Administration was taking public suggestions for how to use all the empty foreclosed homes in the U.S.   I thought immediately of EDU House. For a few years now I’ve been toying with this idea of […]

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